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Copyright & Disclaimer-版权和免责声明

Copyright and Disclaimer /版权和免责声明

财福人生教育培训学院和其合作讲师所分享的视频,图案、文章、名言用语部份来自网络、脸书或书本著作等。我们并不拥有这些资源的版权,一切只限于教育用途。我们为了尊重产权,为每个视频,图案、文章、名言用语都注明来源。如果我们所分享的视频,图案、文章、名言用语等任何资源,有侵犯您的版权或是属于您的,请告知,我们将会很乐意的把它拿下来。 给评语时(comment),凡是出现歧视种族、国家、名族、宗教、性别、年龄、生理或心理缺陷、社会经济地位等的言语行为者,将被删除,并列入不受欢迎清单里。 

财福人生教育培训学院作为独立讲师的平台,不拥有讲师及其演讲内容的版权。财福人生教育培训学院首先对其合作讲师进行教育,在使用教学内容版权方面,小心谨慎,同时尊重版权,以防止任何争议。 财福人生教育培训学院不对讲师演讲内容的任何版权侵权负责。

讲师的演讲稿是由特定讲师准备,仅供特定目标群组,并且仅用于讨论和教育目的。讲师的演讲稿中包含的所有信息均属于演讲者,不属于财福人生教育培训学院,未经演讲者书面同意,不得全部或部分复制、分发或以其他方式传播。讲师的演讲稿中包含的信息可能包括但不限于意见、分析、预测、预测和预期(统称为“意见”)。此类信息已从包括公共领域在内的各种来源获得,并且仅是信仰的表达。尽管演讲文稿是根据在准备演示文稿时被认为是正确的信息和/或意见准备的,但演讲者对任何此类信息和/或意见的准确性和完整性不作任何明示或暗示的保证。与任何形式的金融产品一样,此处提及的金融产品(如有)带有各种风险。尽管已尝试披露所有可能涉及的风险,但该金融产品仍可能面临超出我们合理预期的固有风险。如果您厌恶由金融产品产生和/或与金融产品相关的风险,该金融产品可能完全不适合您。 财福人生教育培训学院及其演讲者不担任演讲文稿所针对的任何人的顾问或代理人。演讲参与者必须对演讲文稿的内容进行独立评估,不应将此类内容视为与法律、会计、税务或投资事宜相关的建议,并应咨询其顾问。 财福人生教育培训学院及其附属机构可在演讲文稿所设想的任何交易或与任何此类交易相关的任何其他交易中担任委托人和代理人,并可能因此获得经纪、佣金或其他收入。演讲文稿中的任何内容均无意或不应被解释为购买或出售任何证券的要约或认购任何证券的邀请。 财福人生教育培训学院及其任何独立讲师者、董事、员工或代表均不对任何陈述、意见、信息或事项(表达或隐含)由演讲文稿产生、包含或衍生或任何遗漏,但不能排除的法规下的责任除外

Most of the videos, photos, articles, and quotes shared by Money & Life Academy Sdn Bhd and its speakers are a part of a community of Facebook pages or websites (outside of Facebook). All usages are meant for educational purposes only. We do not claim to own those videos, photos, articles, and quotes. To respect the copyright, we quote the source for each of the videos, photos, articles and quotes we used. If we have posted anything that belongs to you and you would like it removed please contact us and we will happily remove it at your request. Discrimination against any individual’s race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sexual identity, age, physical or mental disability, socioeconomic status, or any other protected characteristic will not be tolerated. Failure to meet these recommendations will have you removed. When commenting within the community, please make sure everything you say comes from a place of love and respect. Each person should be able to experience life freely, without his or her personal beliefs or perceptions feeling violated. 

Money & Life Academy serves as an independent speaker's platform and does not own the speaker and the copyright of their presentation. Money & Life Academy educates its speakers in the first place about the copyright in the content their use in their production to prevent any dispute. Money & Life Academy shall not liable for any copyright infringement in the speaker’s presentation.

This presentation has been prepared by the speaker specifically for its use, a specific target audience, and for discussion purposes only. All information contained within this presentation belongs to the speaker and may not be copied, distributed, or otherwise disseminated in whole or in part without the written consent of the speaker.  The information contained in this presentation may include but is not limited to opinions, analysis, forecasts, projections, and expectations (collectively referred to as “Opinions”). Such information has been obtained from various sources including those in the public domain, and are merely expressions of belief. Although this presentation has been prepared based on information and/or Opinions that are believed to be correct at the time the presentation was prepared, The speaker makes no expressed or implied warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of any such information and/or Opinions. As with any form of financial product, the financial product mentioned herein (if any) carries with it various risks. Although attempts have been made to disclose all possible risks involved, the financial product may still be subject to inherent risks that may arise beyond our reasonable contemplation. The financial product may be wholly unsuited for you if you are averse to the risk arising out of and/ or in connection with the financial product.
Money & Life Academy and its speakers are not acting as an advisor or agents to any person to whom this presentation is directed. Such persons must make their independent assessments of the contents of this presentation, should not treat such content as advice relating to legal, accounting, taxation, or investment matters, and should consult their advisers. Money & Life Academy and its affiliates may act as a principal and agent in any transaction contemplated by this presentation, or any other transaction connected with any such transaction, and may, as a result, earn brokerage, commission, or other income. Nothing in this presentation is intended to be or should be construed as an offer to buy or sell, or invitation to subscribe for, any securities. Neither Money & Life Academy nor any of its freelance speakers, directors, employees, or representatives are to have any liability (including the liability to any person because of negligence or negligent misstatement) from any statement, opinion, information, or matter (expressed or implied) arising out of, contained in or derived from or any omission from this presentation, except liability under a statute that cannot be excluded

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