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Professional Consultancy-专业咨询

Providing Everything You Need

Personal/Financial Consultancy & Coaching
RM3,500 per hour

•1hr 1:1 Zoom Discussion/Coaching (1对一网上讨论和咨询)

•Personal, finance, career, business and etc


Personal Financial Analysis + Advice
RM12,000 per year

•Two Financial Analysis Report*( 两份财务分析报告)

•Two times per year 1:1 Discussion/Coaching


*Please choose two from below: (a) Cash Flow/Net Worth (b) Retirement (c) Investment (d) Insurance (e) Education (f) Will and Estate Planning (g) Debt Management (e) Tax Planning (f) Others
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Privilege VIP Club


RM40,000 per year

  • Free training & networking lunch                                             (免费培训和贵宾交流午宴)

  • Group Discussion/Coaching            (群组讨论和咨询)

  • 1:1 Discussion/Coaching      (1对1讨论和咨询)

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