1. Founder, Principal Trainer-Yong Chu Eu (FAR, CMSRL, HRDF, Shariah RFP, CFP,  Bac. Sc., Ms. Sc (UPM) ) 

  • Graduated in Bac. Computer Science (2003) and Master Science In Engineering in Computing and Network (2006), University Putra Malaysia

  • Obtained Certified Financial Planning (CFP) (2009) and PSMB’s HRDF Trainer Certification (2015) and MFPC’s Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP, 2017).

  • Awarded with Excellence & Merit Award by KMDC and FPAM for the Best Certification Examination Result in Module 3-Tax Planning for June 2009

  • Obtained full financial planning licenses (CMSRL, FAR) between years 2010-2019 and now under Philip Wealth Advisors. 

  • Contributed regular column articles to The Busy Weekly Magazine and Smart Investor Monthly Magazine.

  • Contributed Invited article to MFPC’s Magazine-Financial 1st, Money Compass (regular contributions from 2011-2015), The Edge Malaysia-Personal Wealth,Focus Malaysia, Focus Malaysia and Sin Chew Newspaper and book review to MFPC Journal- JWMFP

  • Lectures Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Module 2-Insurance and Estate Planning at Penang KDU College from the year 2011 until 2016, Max Wealth and Disted College (since year 2019)

  • Speaks on numerous public talk on Financial Planning, Buddhism and Life Experience/Motivation topics to Bursa Malaysia, FiMM, Equity Tracker, RHB Premier and MNS Global, Non-Profit Organization and Public

  • Conducts SIDC’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and MFPC/FIMM’s Continuing Professional Development course (CPD) for financial practitioner and HRDF Claimable corporate courses for the corporation (MNC/SMI/SME)

  • Regularly Interviewed by MelodyFM Radio Station and The Busy Weekly on several financial planning news and topics.

  • FPAM Penang Chapter Committee 2017-2019 and 2019-2021 (Publicity & Public Relations)

  • Elected as one of the MFPC’s Shariah RFP Trainer.

  • Worked for MNC companies for more than 9 years in IT fields.

List of publication/article/journals by Mr. Yong Chu Eu

Article & Commentary (English)

Smart Investor

  1. Investment Tips for X and Y, March 17

  2. Reality check on retirement, April 17

  3. Reality check on retirement (part 2), July 17

  4. Money is the biggest Cause of Stress, August 17

  5. Financial Stress Tight or Negative Cash Flow, Sept 17

  6. Restructuring Tight or Negative Cash Flow, Oct 17

  7. How to grow your wealth, Nov 17

  8. It your debt good or bad?, Dec 17

  9. Loosening Cash Flow when money is tight, Feb 18

The Edge Malaysia-Personal Wealth

  1. Lower for Longer, 12 Sept 2017

 Focus Malaysia

  1. Cutting off the financial cord, 10-16 June 2017

  2. Can you afford another child, 30 Sept-6 Oct 2017

  3. The basics of selecting unit trust funds, 6-12 May 2018

Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC)

  1. Are you ready for retirement?,  July 2013

  2. Stress, its Symptoms and relationship with Performance. How to befriend stress. MFPC's Financial 1st 2020 (Volume 1)

The Edge property

   1. Cover Story on “You can afford to buy a home, if you do this”, 18 Jan 20


  1. #WhatIWishIKnew – What Factors To Consider Before Buying Car Insurance? We Asked A Financial Expert


Journal (English)


a)Book Review on “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy”

Article and Commentary (Mandarin)

The Sin-Chew Newspaper, Jan 2013

Nanyang Newspaper, Sept 2020

The Busy Weekly (Monthly contribution from Jan 2013-2015, occasionally will share commentary on financial planning news/trends)

Money Compass (Monthly contribution from March 2011-March 2016)



  1. Published the book “Master Your Finance, Master Your Life! Five Financial Strategies to                     Cope with Stress”, Nov 2019, ISBN 978-967-17524-0-1


Speaker’s Profile and Introduction



Video Testimonials from Participants


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6. What Mr. Rolan say about Mr. Yong Chu Eus's Capital Market 2.0 Training



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8. What Ms. Justina Ong and Huei Shia talk about Mr. Yong's Lean from Market Crash Training Class.






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2. Trainer- Jason Wong Mook Koon

Jason Wong is a self-employed full-time trader since 1997. He ventured into TA in 1999 and shared his TA views on social media with up to 20K readers and the majority of his followers are from Facebook, Telegram and blog named Elliot Wave Technical Analysis. He shares his analysis about stocks or projected directions from the TA point of view, as he is a specialist in Elliott Wave, VSA, PAT and Chart patterns.

He was a successful speaker for Macquarie to conduct several joint TA training to his followers and readers. Kenanga invited him and share investor as a guest speaker to conducts 1 hour TA sharing in Bursa Malaysia. He was featured in Focus Malaysia before to share his view on undervalued stocks.

3. Trainer-Frederick Ang Wei Keong-HRDF, CFP, and BBA(Hons) MMU

Frederick has been managing the wealth of high net-worth clients for almost 10 years spanning from investment planning, estate planning, protection planning, retirement planning, and another aspect of financial planning.


With the experience working in the banking industry, insurance industry, and estate planning industry and with his unique marketing skill, Frederick had ever trained and coached a group of staff to become the individual champion and won the group champion in one of the organizations that he worked before. Realizing his talent and passion for teaching, he has since embarked on the journey of financial education and sales performance training.  He is currently Module 1, 2, & 3 instructors of Certified Financial Planner Certification Programme, educating the public about financial plan construction, investment planning, protection planning, estate planning, retirement planning, and tax planning. Making financial literacy accessible to masses and improving lives has been Frederick’s current life mission.

4. Trainer- Benjamin Poh Chee Seng (HRDF, Ph.D. (tax law), CFA, CA, CMSRL, MBA (Manchester), LL.B (Hons), CLP, MRICS, FCTIM)

BENJAMIN POH CHEE SENG is a qualified Lawyer, CFA Charterholder, Chartered Accountant and Chartered Surveyor by profession. He has more than 20 years of experience in financial and legal services industry. He began his career as an auditor of Arthur Andersen in the year 1996 and as a tax adviser of KPMG in the year 1998. During his career with Arthur Andersen and KPMG, he consulted Multinationals and Large & Medium Enterprises in Malaysia on finance and tax-related matters. In the year 2002, he worked with Malaysia Assurance Alliance Ltd now renamed as Zurich Life Insurance Ltd in Malaysia as a consultant to provide wealth and risk management services to the public for more than 15 years. In the year 2004, he founded his public accounting practice in Malaysia to provide audit, financial and tax services to the public. In the year 2011, he passed the Malaysian Bar Exam and was called to the Malaysia Bar in the year 2012. He is currently acting as a Senior Consultant to PCS Advisory Group with member firms licensed to provide audit, tax, legal, wealth management and real estate asset management services in Malaysia.


Professional Credentials

-Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (1996)

-Chartered Accountant of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants (2002)

-Chartered Financial Analyst of the CFA Institute (2006)

-Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (2009)

-Certificate of Legal Practice of the Legal Profession Qualifying Board Malaysia (2011)

-Fellow of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (2014)

-Fellow of Singapore Institute of Arbitrator (2015)

-Registered Financial Planner of the Malaysia Financial Planning Council (2016)

-Chartered Surveyor of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (2017)


Academic Credentials

-LL. B (Hons) Degree from the University of London (2000)

-Asia Senior Management Development Program from Harvard Business School (2007)

-MBA Degree with Merit from Alliance Manchester Business School (2011)

-Rethinking International Tax Law with Distinction online program from Leiden University (2015)

-Ph.D. Tax Law Degree from Washington School of Law (2015)

Teaching And Research

-Lecturer of workshop and seminar for Bar Council Malaysia and Malaysia Institute of Accountants

-Lecturer of public workshop and seminar approved by Human Resource Development Fund Malaysia

-Author of tax studies and research articles for leading accounting and tax journals in Malaysia

-MBA Thesis: How Integrated Managerial Capabilities Sustain Competitive Advantages (2011)

-Ph.D. Thesis: Malaysia GAAR -Strategy, Challenges And Reform(2015)


Professional Voluntary Membership

-Member of the Tax Sub-Committee of the Malaysia Bar Council (2017)

-Member of CFA Institute Practice Analysis Working Body (2018)


Recent Publications

-Perspective: Legal Professional Privilege Under Malaysian Income Tax Law, Malaysia Institute of Accountants, Accountants Today February 2007 Issue.

-Legal Aspect of Property Investment In Malaysia For Foreigners and Malaysian, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Nasional 2nd Quarter 2007 Issue.

-Appeal Against Tax Recovery By The Inland Revenue Board, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian Vol.4/No.2/2011/Q2 Issue.

-Choice Principle In Tax Jurisprudence, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian Vol.7/No.4/2014/Q4 Issue.

-Tax Treaty and GAAR Override, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian Vol.8/No.3/2015/Q3 Issue.

-How To Write A Persuasive Written Tax Appeal, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian, Vol.10/No.2/2017/Q2 Issue

-Understanding Judicial Doctrine of GAAR Part I, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian, Vol.11/No.3/2017/Q3 Issue

-Understanding Judicial Doctrine of GAAR Part II, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian, Vol.12/No.4/2017/Q4 Issue



Dr. Benjamin Poh Chee Seng, Tax Avoidance & Advocacy In Malaysia, ISBN: 978-967-15875 (February 2018)

5. Trainer-Mr. Ooi Ho Seng CFP CERT TM, BSc (Hons)

Mr. Ooi is currently a senior financial consultant at Ultimate Business Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. Before joining the financial industry, he had a decade of experience in R&D engineering with MNCs. With his passion for personal finance, he got himself certified as a Certified Financial Planner professional (CFP CERT TM) and has successfully pivoted his engineering skills into the financial industry.


He has been actively involved in the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and played an instrumental role in continuous professional education programs for the FPAM members and financial practitioners in northern Malaysia. He is currently the FPAM Penang Chapter Chairman and aspires to work with his team of committee members to improve the financial literacy of Malaysians through financial literacy programs. Over the years, he has appeared in numerous public talks on various financial planning topics. He has collaborated with local education institutions, corporates, and nonprofit organizations in bringing financial literacy programs to their employees.

Since 2007, he has been passionately helping his clients in areas ranging from personal estate distribution, business succession planning, investment, and life insurance planning. He firmly believes that an optimum solution in personal finance is a holistic one, and the clients should have a big picture view of their finances to motivate them to take action. Logical and analytical skills inherited from engineering background have become essential assets to him in providing comprehensive and well-thought-out solutions to meet the challenges the clients encountered.


In his spares time, he enjoys developing financial software tools that can help his clients to see the big picture. Among the software tools he has created are Retirement Fund Estimator, Investment Risk Tolerance Analyzer, Education Fund Estimator, and Insurance Gap Calculator. These tools are educational, practical, and inspirational to the students and clients. To further add value to his clients, he is also a certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach by the American Board of NLP. Sometimes, poor financial health is due to poor spending behavior. A change in poor spending behavior through coaching can create a substantial positive impact on a person’s financial health.