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1. Founder, Principal Trainer-Yong Chu Eu (FAR, CMSRL, HRD Corp Accredited, CWA, CFC,  Shariah RFP, CFP,  Bac. Sc., Ms. Sc (UPM) )

  • Graduated in Bac. Computer Science (2003) and Master Science In Engineering in Computing and Network (2006), University Putra Malaysia

  • Obtained Certified Financial Planning (CFP) (2009) , PSMB’s HRDF’s Train the Trainer Certification (2015), MFPC’s Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP, 2017), Chartered Wealth Advisory (CWA, 2023) by Wealth Management Institute (WMI) and Philipines RFP and Masterclass Certification in Financial Coaching Programme(Certified Financial Coach, CFC, 2023).

  • Certified as HRDF Corporate Traininer in 2015, MFPC Shariah RFP Traininer (2018), HRD Corp Accredited Trainer (2023).

  • Awarded with Excellence & Merit Award by KMDC and FPAM for the Best Certification Examination Result in Module 3-Tax Planning for June 2009

  • In both 2020 and 2023, he received two nominations to be included in The Britishpedia Media Group's Encyclopedia of Successful People in Malaysia, and was successfully listed in the 2023 edition.

  • In Year 2023, he on hold the two award nomination from Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN)’s Malaysia Influential Educator-MIE and ShangHai Intenational Prestige Business Awards 2023-Oustanding Entrepreneur of the Year until timing is right.

  • Obtained full financial planning licenses (CMSRL, FAR) under Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Malaysia since the year 2010.

  • Currently founder, managing director, and principal trainer of Money & Life Academy. Money & Life Academy is the authorized training provider for Continue Professional Development Program and Corporate Human Capital Program (SIDC CPE, FiMM CPD, and HRD Corp Certified)

  • Conducts SIDC's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and MFPC/FIMM’s Continuing Professional Development course (CPD) for financial practitioners and HRD Corp Claimable corporate courses for the corporation (MNC/SMI/SME)

  • Lectured Professional Certificate Program-Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Module 2-Insurance and Estate Planning at Penang KDU College Max Wealth and Disted College (between years 2011-2019)

  • Lectures Professional Certificate-Chartered Wealth Advisor (CWA) to the Philippines Financial Planning Industry since the year 2021 and certified by Wealth Management Institute (WMI) and Philipines RFP with “CWA” title in the year 2023.  

  • Contributed Invited articles to MFPC’s Magazine-Financial 1st, Money Compass (regular contributions from 2011-2015), The Edge Malaysia-Personal Wealth, Focus Malaysia, Compare Hero, Nanyang, The Edge Property, ChinaPrss, Sin Chew Newspaper, The Busy Weekly Magazine, Smart Investor Monthly Magazine, Cincai News and book review to MFPC Journal- JWMFP

  • Speaks in numerous public talks on Financial Planning, Buddhism and Life Experience/Motivation topics to Bursa Malaysia, SC InvestSmart, FPAM, FiMM, Equity Tracker, RHB Premier, and MNS Global, Local University, Colleges, Non-Profit organizations and Public

  • Regularly interviewed or featured by local media on several financial planning news and topics.

  • Financial stress book “Master Your Finance, Master Your Life! Five Financial Strategies to Cope with Stress” author (English version in 2019 and Mandarin version in 2021)

  • FPAM Penang Chapter Committee 2017-2019 and 2019-2021 (Publicity & Public Relations) and 2021-2023 (Continuing Education & Events Head)

  • Certified member of the Malaysia Financial Planning Council (MFPC) and Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and Honarable Member of Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC).

  • Currently collaborating with FPAM, MFPC, and the Malaysian Institute of Accounts. CPA Australia, Asian Banking School, Philippines Financial Planning Industry (RFP), The Association of Stockbroking Companies Malaysia (ASCM), Bursa Malaysia and Humanistic Education Training, Philipines RFP on a training program for their members.

  • Worked for MNC companies for more than a decade in IT fields.

List of publications/articles/journals by Mr. Yong Chu Eu

Article & Commentary (English)
Smart Investor
a)    Investment Tips for X and Y, March 17
b)    Reality check on retirement, April 17
c)    Reality check on retirement (part 2), July 17
d)    Money is the biggest Cause of Stress, August 17
e)    Financial Stress Tight or Negative Cash Flow, Sept 17
f)    Restructuring Tight or Negative Cash Flow, Oct 17
g)    How to grow your wealth, Nov 17
h)    It your debt good or bad?, Dec 17
i)    Loosening Cash Flow when money is tight, Feb 18

The Edge Malaysia-Personal Wealth
a)    Lower for Longer, 12 Sept 2017 

Focus Malaysia
a)    Cutting off the financial cord, 10-16 June 2017
b)    Can you afford another child, 30 Sept-6 Oct 2017
c)    The basics of selecting unit trust funds, 6-12 May 2018

Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC)

  1. Are you ready for retirement?  July 2013

  2. Stress, its Symptoms and relationship with Performance. How to befriend stress. MFPC's Financial 1st 2020 (Volume 1)

  3. Crucial Investment Concepts, MFPC's Financial 1st 2022 (Volume 1)

The Edge Property
a)    Cover Story on “You can afford to buy a home, if you do this”, 18 Jan 20

a)    #WhatIWishIKnew – What Factors To Consider Before Buying Car Insurance? We Asked A Financial Expert

Journal (English)

a)    Book Review on “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy”
b)    Book Review on “The Crypto Book-How to Invest Safely in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies”


Article and Commentary (Mandarin)

  1. The Sin-Chew Newspaper, Jan 2013, now and on going

  2. Nanyang Newspaper, Sept 2020 and more

  3. The Busy Weekly (Monthly contribution from Jan 2013-2015, occasionally will share commentary on financial planning news/trends)

  4. Money Compass (Monthly contribution from March 2011-March 2016)

  5. ChinaPress, now and on going

  6. Money Money Home Platform (Mandarin Book content)

  7. Cincai News


All those articles and commentaries no matter in English or Mandarin, you can refer blog sites belows:


  1. Published an English book “Master Your Finance, Master Your Life! Five Financial Strategies to Cope with Stress”, Nov 2019, ISBN 978-967-17524-0-1

  2. Published a Mandarin book “掌握财富,与钱同行!5大应对财务挑战的攻略”,  April 2022, ISBN 978-967-17524-1-8


Speaker’s Profile and Introduction

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2. Trainer- Jason Wong Mook Koon

Jason Wong is a self-employed full-time trader since 1997. He ventured into TA in 1999 and shared his TA views on social media with up to 20K readers and the majority of his followers are from Facebook, Telegram and blog named Elliot Wave Technical Analysis. He shares his analysis about stocks or projected directions from the TA point of view, as he is a specialist in Elliott Wave, VSA, PAT and Chart patterns.

He was a successful speaker for Macquarie to conduct several joint TA training to his followers and readers. Kenanga invited him and share investor as a guest speaker to conducts 1 hour TA sharing in Bursa Malaysia. He was featured in Focus Malaysia before to share his view on undervalued stocks.


  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube



3. Trainer-Frederick Ang Wei Keong-HRDF, CFP, and BBA(Hons) MMU

Frederick is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioner and has been managing the wealth of high net-worth clients for almost 10 years spanning from investment planning, estate planning, protection planning, and retirement planning to other aspects of financial planning. Widely praised for his talent and passion in education and sales, he has since embarked on the journey of financial education and financial sales performance training. He is currently an all-rounded instructor for all modules under CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification program too. With the belief that everybody can achieve a better life with higher financial literacy, Frederick’s current life mission is to improve the standard of financial professionals in the market and to make financial literacy as accessible as possible to public

Education Bachelor of Management (Hons.)



• Train the Trainer Certification License

• PCEIA A&B&C (Life Insurance & General Insurance)

• CEILLI (Investment-Linked Insurance)

• TBE (Takaful Life and General Insurance)

• CUTE (Unit Trusts)

• CRPE (Private Retirement Scheme)

• Securities Commission Licensing Examination: Module 6 (Securities)

• Securities Commission Licensing Exanimation: Module 7(Securities)

• RHB Trustee estate planner


• Insurance agent

• Relationship manager in banks

• Sales manager in bank

• Deputy priority banking centre manager


• CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Certification instructor – all 4 modules

• Investor Protection Professional Certification (IPPC) - instructor

• Financial education coach & trainer


4. Trainer-Mr. Ooi Ho Seng CFP CERT TM, BSc (Hons)

Mr. Ooi is currently a senior financial consultant at Ultimate Business Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. Before joining the financial industry, he had a decade of experience in R&D engineering with MNCs. With his passion for personal finance, he got himself certified as a Certified Financial Planner professional (CFP CERT TM) and has successfully pivoted his engineering skills into the financial industry.


He has been actively involved in the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and played an instrumental role in continuous professional education programs for the FPAM members and financial practitioners in northern Malaysia. He is currently the FPAM Penang Chapter Chairman and aspires to work with his team of committee members to improve the financial literacy of Malaysians through financial literacy programs. Over the years, he has appeared in numerous public talks on various financial planning topics. He has collaborated with local education institutions, corporates, and nonprofit organizations in bringing financial literacy programs to their employees.

Since 2007, he has been passionately helping his clients in areas ranging from personal estate distribution, business succession planning, investment, and life insurance planning. He firmly believes that an optimum solution in personal finance is a holistic one, and the clients should have a big picture view of their finances to motivate them to take action. Logical and analytical skills inherited from engineering background have become essential assets to him in providing comprehensive and well-thought-out solutions to meet the challenges the clients encountered.


In his spares time, he enjoys developing financial software tools that can help his clients to see the big picture. Among the software tools he has created are Retirement Fund Estimator, Investment Risk Tolerance Analyzer, Education Fund Estimator, and Insurance Gap Calculator. These tools are educational, practical, and inspirational to the students and clients. To further add value to his clients, he is also a certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach by the American Board of NLP. Sometimes, poor financial health is due to poor spending behavior. A change in poor spending behavior through coaching can create a substantial positive impact on a person’s financial health.

5. Trainer- Ms. Wee Chia Fong-BCA (VUW-NZ), CA (ICAANZ)

Chia Fong has more than 30 years of commercial and professional experience across the Middle East, South East Asia and South Pacific regions. She is a Chartered Accountant with broad experience in enterprise risk management, business integration and financial management, direct association with real estate and venture capital. She is currently a member of the Valuation Committee of a private equity firm (Phillips Private Equity) and is the Head of Compliance in a Fintech company in Singapore.


Chia Fong held leadership positions in the listed conglomerate in Dubai, Emaar Properties PJSC, which developed the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and townships (the largest real estate master developer in the Middle East), working closely with the CEOs in the respective subsidiaries to develop their organizations, enabling their growth/expansion plans and quest for business excellence. The strategic domains are namely in enterprise risk management (ERM), business continuity planning (BCP) and crisis management, business processes for organizational excellence, policy and governance framework, enterprise-wide information systems, finance, property launches and customer experience programmes. She has successfully embedded ERM as ‘business-as-usual”, executed crisis management plans upon alert and planned business continuity activities. During the 2008-9 global financial crisis, Chia Fong was in the crisis management team tasked to restructure, develop and implement appropriate financial and business plans to retain customers, preserve revenue and cash[1]flow to manage the downturn risks.


To help manage their strategic and operational risks, Chia Fong assisted in the planning and execution of Majid-Al Futtaim’s maiden property launch in Dubai (2018) and in their joint venture partnership handover of property units in Lebanon. An all-rounder practitioner with deep skill sets in Business Process Management (“BPM”), she developed the organization, operations and people along the maturity continuum by integrating the various departments, building capabilities in knowledge, culture, matrices and structure to be aligned with the company strategy/plan.


At KPMG Singapore, other than heading the assurance department, she had advised various blue-chip companies across business sectors, was involved in fraud investigation assignments and acted as an expert witness in a legal case over a price dispute. Chia Fong was involved in the redesign of the healthcare system for 2030 in Singapore, commissioned by the Singapore Ministry of Health to manage the population health risk and spearheaded the LEAN approach for better customer experience management in the ASPAC healthcare practices. Some of her more prominent corporate clients included Keppel Group, ECICS insurance, IFS Group, ANZ Bank, Maritime Shipping and Samsung Medical Centre (Seoul).


In Malaysia, Chia Fong assisted a SME to implement a more congruent organizational line of reporting, budgetary system and tax planning discipline. During the Covid-19 emergency period, Chia Fong assisted the SME in its liquidity management, compliance with Covid-19 rules, health and safety requirements for staff and customers, and negotiations with suppliers and business partners.


Chia Fong is currently an Adjunct Lecturer in one of Singapore’s top universities, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. She has also delivered the UK and Australian undergraduate accounting and auditing programs for HELP University Malaysia. Being part of KPMG global Learning and Development organization and in line with her consulting portfolio, she was also Involved in delivering seminars and courses in business excellence methodologies (e.g. BPM management) to clients and external parties. Her continuous learning projects have brought her to developing countries such as Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Thailand.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-19 at 2.29.11 PM (1).jpeg

6. Trainer-Ms. Boey Sze Ni (Grace) C.NLP, C.NLC, C.NLP-SP, DISC, MWS, HRDF

Grace is a 2013 Teach for Malaysia (TFM) alumni, having served in an underprivileged secondary school in Air Itam from 2013 up till March 2017. Grace graduated with a Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Psychology from HELP University and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).
Her background in the field of education and psychology fuels her passion for bringing out the best in people & resulted in the birth of a social enterprise, GEMilang which she co-founded with two other TFM alumni to alleviate youth unemployability. GEMilang’s main aim is to equip youths to pursue a meaningful and purposeful life by doing good work. Some organizations that Grace has facilitated programs for include: Intel, Motorola Solutions, KMWE, SAM Aviation, Abbott, Honeywell Aerospace, TF AMD, CPI Penang, Silterra Malaysia, Vivo Raiser, STE Trucking Services, LKT Luck, Smartrac Technology, BD Malaysia & Jinko Solar Technology.

Due to her dynamic background and experience in helping youth develop leadership and employability aptitude, Grace was offered a place in the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiatives (YSEALI) program in 2017, where she joined a group of 30 ASEAN leaders from 10 countries to the United States to undergo a 6-weeks long Professional Fellows Program under the sponsorship of the U.S. State Department. Through educational and cultural exchanges, regional exposure as well as on-site internship experience with the District of Columbia Public School Department (DCPS), Grace was able to polish her leadership and networking skills, which has proven to be useful in her career as a corporate trainer.

 Grace is an Internationally Licensed Trainer with MWS & HRDF (Malaysia) and a skilled NLP practitioner certified by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) & the National Federation of NLP (NFNLP). Her certification in DISC Personality Profiling also added to her credential as an impact maker. She is highly sought after for her interactive, lively & agile training style and the highly impactful experiences created by her training programs.   


7. Trainer- Ms. Eva Wong Yuen Hwa-FAR, CMSRL, HRDF, CFP, AEPP, BQSurv, MSc, MRICS

Eva Wong is a holder of Capital Market Services Representative License and Financial Adviser Representative license issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia. She is also a certified and licensed Financial Planner. She is an active property, shares and unit trust investors with more than 10 years practical experience in the investment field. She is currently investing in US and Malaysia share markets.

She practices financial planning and specialises in investment planning at CC Advisory Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian home grown leading financial planning firm that aspires to be the top Malaysian Financial Planning firm.

She graduated from the University of Technology Malaysia with first class degree in Quantity Surveying. She then completed her master degree in the same university. She started her career as a cost controller / quantity surveyor in the construction industry which she started to develop strong interest in cost control. She was then able to apply what she learnt from the working experience, i.e. cost control, into personal finance. Subsequently, she studied privately on investments and started her investment journey in properties, stocks and unit trust funds since year 2007.


Her journey in personal financial management and investment have grown her passion and interest over the years in personal finance. This led to her decision to change her career path from construction industry to financial industry. She started her financial career as unit trust advisor and she subsequently obtained the licenses for insurance, will and trust to provide her clients with more comprehensive financial advice. Next, she turned herself to becoming a licensed financial planner, with the aspiration to help more people to achieve financial success in life.

Eva is a strong believer that everyone is able to take charge of his / her life and be able to pursue life goals and dreams through effective financial management. We are always able to fast track our wealth creation process so that we can choose to stop working at young age to do what truly matters to us. Correct knowledge and implementation are the keys to wealth creation success.

“Knowing is not enough, it must be able to be implemented. Implementation without planning is dangerous, it might end up at an undesirable destination.” ~ Eva Wong

Through trainings, she believes that she can help to raise Malaysians' financial literacy which will in turn help more people to be able to achieve financial freedom earlier.

Since she joined the financial industry, she has obtained several awards including Million Ringgit Producer Award and Rising Star Award. She also received two (2) Excellence Awards for Certified Financial Planning courses from the Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM) on two Planning Modules: Investment Module and Insurance & Estate Planning Module. She also co-authored a book titled: Money Guide for Individuals and Companies which is being sold in Popular, Kinoyuniya and MPH bookstores nationwide.


8. Trainer- Lim Kean Seng -FAR, CMSRL, HRDF, CFP

A banker with more than 20 years of experience with 3 banks in Malaysia (Ban Hin Lee Bank Bhd, UOB Bank Berhad, and Hong Leong Bank Berhad). Business Consultant with Temenos SA (a Swiss Public Listed Company) providing business consulting services to major Banks worldwide for 15 years (Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad, Credit Suisse Private Bank Europe, Raiffeisen Bank, Westpac Private Bank Singapore, JPMorgan Chase Bank, LGT Bank Liechtenstein, Banco Espirito Santo, BSI Private Bank, Lloyds Private Bank London. Unit Trust Consultant with Public Mutual Berhad for 9 years. Currently Licensed Financial Planner with VKA Wealth Planners. Sdn Bhd. Author of “Retire at 55, Can or Not?” published in 2019

9. Trainer-Calvyn Lee-Digital Marketing Trainer, PSMB Certified Trainer (HRDF), eUsahawan Certified Trainer (MDEC)

Calvyn Lee started his journey in Information Technology as IT Technician in 2004; after graduation from University Tunku Abdul Rahman in 2006, he enters the hospitality field as IT Officer and turns into an IT Engineer in 2008 in an IT Infrastructure company. In years 2009, he joins an American Multinational Telecommunications company as Infrastructure Engineer for 3 years and moves into a global broad-based IT distributor company, a Fortune 500 company that focuses on enterprise computing.

In 2018, Calvyn certified himself as a Digital Marketing Trainer under a program name eUsahawan by a government-owned agency that pioneers the transformation of Malaysia’s digital economy known as MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation); In the subsequent year, he has successfully certified by HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund) as PSMB Certified Trainer under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.

In 2019, Calvyn has been invited by the CIMB foundation to speak for local SMEs in Penang and Johor Bahru on The future of e-commerce for SMEs. In collaboration with CIMB, CIMB Foundation, EcoWorld, and MDEC. In another part of his life, Calvyn also an entrepreneur, started his online business in 2007, providing an online business solution, and guiding digital business transformation for the traditional business. Meanwhile, Calvyn also has experience with blogging, affiliate, drop shipping, and e-commerce. He makes his 1st online income on 12th June 2007.

Calvyn is also an experienced organizer who organize various events and activities for his previous employers such as product launching events and quarterly product updates. He is also the organizer & speaker for 1st Barcamp in Penang and Facebook Developer Cycle Meetup in Penang. Apart from this, Calvyn is a coach and consultant for businesses that wish to bring their business online toward digital entrepreneurship.


10. Trainer- James Chen-Certified Professional Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach Assessor 

James is a Certified Professional Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach Assessor (for Certified Financial Coach™ with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia School of Professional and Continuous Education). He does Facilitation, Training, Life, Financial, Executive & Business Coaching, and NLP Practitioner & Practitioner Coach.


James has more than 35 years of working experience spanning finance, real estate, and retail trade, and more than 20 years running his own business set him apart from many trainers and coaches. Besides, he graduated with two master’s degrees, namely, Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Management and Master of Applied Psychology in Coaching which gave him his credentials. His expertise is in the areas of Leadership, Strategic Management, Business Administration, Business Acumen, and Sales Management.


He spent his last 20+ years in the automotive retail trade industry and climbed the corporate ladder from the position of Sales Advisor to Associate Vice President, Head of Company. He was ranked among the top producer as a sales advisor, and at the management level, he has achieved numerous top sales monthly awards for the outlets under his care and has produced numerous top Sales Advisors.


His favorite quote from Zig Ziglar is, “You are who you are and what you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change who you are and what you are by changing what goes into your mind.” His mission and passion are to help develop human talent to meet current industries' needs and demands for leadership and management needs and to achieve company earnings targets.


He has facilitated leadership skills, leadership development, sales, and coaching with participants from several companies such as Sin Chew Jit Poh, Pahang Cement, Lembaga Getah Malaysia, Midea Scott & English Electronics S/B, Industrial Quality Management, Toshiba Sales & Services, Keith Kee Couture, Acts Transformations Enterprise, Azman Hamzah Plastik S/B, Soong & Associates Management Consulting, Y.F. Yuen & Co., HLH Technology S/B, HLH Heat Transfer Technology S/B, Yilida Industries S/B, Duopharma Biotech Bhd. and AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd.


  • Master of Applied Psychology in Coaching (HELP University, KL, Malaysia)

  • MBA in Entrepreneurial Management (AIB, Adelaide, Australia)

  • Graduate Diploma in Management (AIB, Adelaide, Australia)

  • Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

  • Applied NLP in Business (American Board of NLP)

  • Certified Trainer (HRDF)

  • Certified Technopreneurs (Royal British Computer Society)

  • Certified Financial Coach™ (UTMSpace), CFC®

  • Certified Professional Coach (CCA – ICF ACTP)

  • Certified NLP Practitioner (American Board of NLP)

  • Certified NLP Practitioner Coach (American Board of NLP)

  • Certified Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner (U.S.A.)

  • Certified Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy)

Screenshot 2023-02-16 153518_edited.jpg

11. Trainer- Tn Haji Rafie Omar-HRDF, Diploma in Law(DIL) ITM, Bachelor of Law (LL.B), University of Melbourne,  Shariah RFP

He was admitted and enrolled as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in March 1989, and also as a Syariah Lawyer at the Selangor Shariah court in 1992. From private law practice, he joined Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) in 1994 as Legal Advisor in its Business Development and Corporate Affairs Division. He was one of the original Directors of KL Sentral Sdn Bhd, the subsidiary of MRCB which develops KL Sentral. In 2000, he joined the legal team of Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Berhad, specializing in property matters. He joined Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB) in September 2001 as General Manager, Operations. He gives regular talks on the topics of Islamic and Conventional Estate Planning and Estate Administration to Government Departments, Training Institutions; state Islamic Departments; Private Sectors, Institutions of Higher Learning, and also Public forums and seminars.

Screenshot 2023-02-16 152414.jpg

12. Trainer-Choo Gaik Looi, Cecilia- Chartered Accountant (CA), CFP, MBA Heriot-Watt University (UK), BIA (UUM)

Cecilia has 4 years of audit-related experience with a big four accounting firm, and 13 years of experience with multinational electronic companies specializing in designing and setting up financial and management accounting, internal control including SOX, and operational systems as well as software implementation. She also performs operational audits and acts as a consultant for several companies on financial issues. She spent her last 10 years involved in training and teaching covering accounting, finance, and taxation areas. Currently, she works as a freelance advisor and consultant to a group of companies.


She is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). She holds a professional qualification of Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in Malaysia, a Master of Administration (MBA) with distinction from Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) from Universiti Utara Malaysia.

blic forums and seminars.

13. Trainer-Koh Mui Han- Change | Strategy | EQ Expert | Lead Organizational | Transformational Programs | Coached 500 Corporate Managers in managing EQ | Trained 16k Undergraduates on LinkedIn for better Employability

Mui Han is the Principal Consultant for ChangeDynamics Consulting and has 12 long years of experience in leading diverse consulting and training assignments across different industries. He was with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Advisory Services Malaysia before this implementing different aspects of organizational development projects for various clients. Mui Han leads strategy alignment for Project Delivery Partner (PDP) for MRT SSP Line (MMC-Gamuda). This is an ongoing assignment to put in place a strategy alignment infrastructure and aligned all senior management members of the company by creating a new culture of defining, tracking, and developing action plans for the management of the RM32 billion infrastructure project over the next seven years. Mui Han’s work includes conducting change management sessions to gather buy-in from senior management team members for the new strategic alignment structure while managing individual stakeholders via structured engagement activities.

In PDP, Mui Han also led the engagement for the improvement of the deficiencies in the current organizational model that led to silo thinking between work teams, lack of accountability in managing work contractors, and a negative impact on overall staff morale at the site. Mui Han conducted engagement sessions with all levels of stakeholders (directors, senior managers, managers, and process owners) and facilitated focus group workshops with key users to understand the operational effectiveness of the organizational structures for both “as-is” and “to-be” models. He also conducted senior engagement sessions to develop new organization models and developing areas of accountability, reporting lines, and KPIs for each of the functions at the site organization and lastly developed a strategy paper on this review for the Board Members. He was also part of the Change Management Lead for Sabah Electricity Board (SESB), a subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional for a statewide project to reduce blackout time by transforming the maintenance culture at the client’s organization; enabled by the implementation of the SAP maintenance module. The critical transformation was the shift from reactive maintenance to a preventive maintenance mindset.

The significant change management challenge was to shift the mindset of the client’s management to adopt and execute preventive maintenance. Working-level staff was engaged through various channels to ensure their understanding, buy-in, and support. Conducted Stakeholder Engagement, Change Readiness Assessment, Change Impact Analysis, and developed Training Plan. Training materials were developed to focus on the national language to ensure better understanding among the users. The first phase of the go-live will concentrate on four pilot sites covering generation, transmission, and distribution, and the system went live in September 2017.

Mui Han was also the Project Manager for a transition plan for Digi Telecommunications’ proposed merger of one of their divisions with identified partners. The project required him to establish HR infrastructure for the new setup using integrating and harmonizing all existing policies and practices for the new entity setup. The work also included the development of structured communication plans for the integration of cultures of the merged entities to formulate the new entity’s work culture for the workforce of 400 staff.

Mui Han also led the post-implementation review of the impact of the new IT system (project value RM282 million) implemented for Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (JPJ). The key deliverables include designing and developing an impact assessment model and conducting a qualitative and quantitative analysis of user satisfaction and benefits realization with the various stakeholders. The project requirements include interviewing the entire Department’s Senior Leadership Team - 22 Directors to collate their feedback and recommendations. Mui Han was the Module Lead to assist Lafarge Malaysia, to revamp the current Organization structure in the industrial operations division with a new redesign of the current compensation and benefits structure. The deliverables of the project include conducting the gap analysis of the current versus the desired organizational structure and compensation design, development of an engagement strategy and full rollout of a change management program to implement the new organization and compensation structure in the entire industrial operations divisions in 3 locations with more than 700 staff. These engagements were executed with the Design Sprint approach, with constant engagement with end users to provide feedback to the organization/compensation design; and multiple sprints of development before the full adoption of the final Organization and Compensation framework.


14. Trainer-Dr. Shana Yang @ Yong Wee Shien-Doctor of Philosophy (Business), CFP, the candidacy of CFA, certified HRD trainer

Dr. Shana Yang @ Yong Wee Shien is a Malaysian national who is 45 years old. She holds a PhD in Business from Taylor's University, an MBA with a major in Marketing from University Putra Malaya, and a BSc in Economics and Management from the University of London. She also has a diploma in economics from the London School of Economics.
Dr. Yang is currently working as an Independent Sustainability Consultant, specializing in consulting material and disclosures, reporting framework and alignment with sustainability, performance indicators response, reporting to GRI standards, integrated reporting framework, Task Force Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Carbon disclosure project (CDP), Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) disclosures, materiality metrics, FTSE4Good Index series, Climate Change and Principle-based Taxonomy (CCPT), Climate Risk Management and Scenario Analysis (CRMSA), sustainability training, and Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) program.

Additionally, Dr. Yang is also an Independent Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager under the principals of APAC Family Office in Singapore, Bill Morrisons Wealth Management Sdn Bhd, and 5 Pillar Venture Capital. She represents all private banks in the world and offers the full range of financial wealth product services, including AUM RM1B, family office administration, onshore unit trust, offshore unit trust and multi-asset classes that can hedge, hedge fund, LLP funds, VCC structure funds, Forex, Bonds, structure notes, credit link notes, ETF, digital assets, stocks, financial investment and estate planning, wealth preservation, tax advisory, trust & foundation set up (Cash trust), legal advisory, and insurance onshore and offshore.

Prior to her current roles, Dr. Yang worked as a Senior Relationship Manager at Ambak (M) Berhad, where she held the licenses of Certified Financial Planner, IPPC, FIMM, CEILI, PCE, Takaful, PRS, and was a candidate for Chartered Financial Analyst. She established high net worth client relationships and managed clients' investment portfolios to promote financial markets, insurance, investment, and banking solutions. She was also highly active in networking in public events and forums to engage with ultra-high net worth clients.
Before her work at Ambak, Dr. Yang worked for Hong Leong Bank Berhad for eight years. She held the licenses of IPPC, FIMM, CEILI, PCE, and was a candidate for Chartered Financial Advisory. As a Senior Relationship Manager, she established high net worth client relationships, built clients' wealth, and managed clients' investment portfolios to promote financial markets, insurance, investment, and banking solutions. She was also highly active in networking in public events and forums to engage with high net worth clients. Dr. Yang also worked as a Senior Manager of Merchant Marketing and Development at Hong Leong Bank Berhad, where she led the development of new initiatives, new digital channels, and marketing operations processes to increase speed-to-market and coordination of cross-functional changes across payments, products, and online channels.

15. Trainer-Nurull Rahmat-HRDF, CFC, Diploma Eng (BM) UTM

Profession: Financial Trainer and Debt Management Specialist

As a passionate financial trainer and debt management specialist, I am dedicated to helping individuals and families regain control over their finances and achieve long-term financial stability. With 15 years of experience in the financial industry, I have developed a deep understanding of debt management strategies, budgeting techniques, and effective money management principles.

Education and Certifications:
•Certified Trainer, National Competency Standard, Certificate Awarded By the Ministry of Human Resources, Department of Skills Development, 2023
• Diploma Engineering Business Management from University Technology Malaysia, 2008
• Distinction Practical Accounting from Jasa Accountancy, 2005 

Areas of Expertise:
1. Debt Management: I specialize in creating personalized debt management plans tailored to the unique circumstances of each client. By assessing their financial situation, I help clients develop strategies to reduce debt, negotiate with creditors, and establish sustainable repayment plans.
2. Budgeting and Financial Planning: I guide individuals in creating comprehensive budgets that align with their financial goals. By analyzing income, expenses, and debt obligations, I assist clients in making informed decisions to optimize their financial resources.
3. Credit Score Improvement: I educate clients on the factors influencing credit scores and provide actionable advice to improve their creditworthiness. From reviewing credit reports to implementing strategies for building positive credit history, I help clients enhance their credit profiles.
4. Financial Education Workshops: I conduct workshops and seminars on various financial topics, including debt management, budgeting, credit management, succession planning, property investment etc. Through interactive sessions, I empower participants with practical tools and knowledge to take control of their finances.
5. Personal Finance Coaching: I offer one-on-one coaching sessions to clients seeking personalized guidance and support in achieving their financial goals. By providing ongoing accountability and customized strategies, I empower individuals to make informed financial decisions and overcome challenges.

Professional Associations:
• Malaysian Association Certified Coach (MACC)

Client Testimonial: "Working with Nurull Rahmat was a game-changer for our family. Her expertise in debt management helped us navigate our financial challenges with confidence. She was patient, understanding, and provided us with practical strategies to improve our credit score and reduce debt. We highly recommend Nurull to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and empathetic financial trainer." – Cikgu Muhammad

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16. Trainer-Benjamin Poh Chee Seng (HRDF, Ph.D. (tax law), CFA, CA, CMSRL, MBA (Manchester), LL.B (Hons), CLP, MRICS, FCTIM)

BENJAMIN POH CHEE SENG is a qualified Lawyer, CFA Charterholder, Chartered Accountant and Chartered Surveyor by profession. He has more than 20 years of experience in financial and legal services industry. He began his career as an auditor of Arthur Andersen in the year 1996 and as a tax adviser of KPMG in the year 1998. During his career with Arthur Andersen and KPMG, he consulted Multinationals and Large & Medium Enterprises in Malaysia on finance and tax-related matters. In the year 2002, he worked with Malaysia Assurance Alliance Ltd now renamed as Zurich Life Insurance Ltd in Malaysia as a consultant to provide wealth and risk management services to the public for more than 15 years. In the year 2004, he founded his public accounting practice in Malaysia to provide audit, financial and tax services to the public. In the year 2011, he passed the Malaysian Bar Exam and was called to the Malaysia Bar in the year 2012. He is currently acting as a Senior Consultant to PCS Advisory Group with member firms licensed to provide audit, tax, legal, wealth management and real estate asset management services in Malaysia.


Professional Credentials

-Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (1996)

-Chartered Accountant of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants (2002)

-Chartered Financial Analyst of the CFA Institute (2006)

-Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (2009)

-Certificate of Legal Practice of the Legal Profession Qualifying Board Malaysia (2011)

-Fellow of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (2014)

-Fellow of Singapore Institute of Arbitrator (2015)

-Registered Financial Planner of the Malaysia Financial Planning Council (2016)

-Chartered Surveyor of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (2017)


Academic Credentials

-LL. B (Hons) Degree from the University of London (2000)

-Asia Senior Management Development Program from Harvard Business School (2007)

-MBA Degree with Merit from Alliance Manchester Business School (2011)

-Rethinking International Tax Law with Distinction online program from Leiden University (2015)

-Ph.D. Tax Law Degree from Washington School of Law (2015)

Teaching And Research

-Lecturer of workshop and seminar for Bar Council Malaysia and Malaysia Institute of Accountants

-Lecturer of public workshop and seminar approved by Human Resource Development Fund Malaysia

-Author of tax studies and research articles for leading accounting and tax journals in Malaysia

-MBA Thesis: How Integrated Managerial Capabilities Sustain Competitive Advantages (2011)

-Ph.D. Thesis: Malaysia GAAR -Strategy, Challenges And Reform(2015)


Professional Voluntary Membership

-Member of the Tax Sub-Committee of the Malaysia Bar Council (2017)

-Member of CFA Institute Practice Analysis Working Body (2018)


Recent Publications

-Perspective: Legal Professional Privilege Under Malaysian Income Tax Law, Malaysia Institute of Accountants, Accountants Today February 2007 Issue.

-Legal Aspect of Property Investment In Malaysia For Foreigners and Malaysian, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Nasional 2nd Quarter 2007 Issue.

-Appeal Against Tax Recovery By The Inland Revenue Board, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian Vol.4/No.2/2011/Q2 Issue.

-Choice Principle In Tax Jurisprudence, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian Vol.7/No.4/2014/Q4 Issue.

-Tax Treaty and GAAR Override, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian Vol.8/No.3/2015/Q3 Issue.

-How To Write A Persuasive Written Tax Appeal, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian, Vol.10/No.2/2017/Q2 Issue

-Understanding Judicial Doctrine of GAAR Part I, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian, Vol.11/No.3/2017/Q3 Issue

-Understanding Judicial Doctrine of GAAR Part II, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Tax Guardian, Vol.12/No.4/2017/Q4 Issue



Dr. Benjamin Poh Chee Seng, Tax Avoidance & Advocacy In Malaysia, ISBN: 978-967-15875 (February 2018)

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17. Trainer-Allen Yap Hui Hock-Dip. Investment Analysis of Malaysia, KLSE - RMIT (AUS ), BBBA, RMIT (AUS), MBA-PFP, USQ (AUS), CMSRL

Mr. Yap currently works as a freelance consultant specializing in recruitment and training for insurance agencies, he brought over 23 years of experience in the field. His expertise lies in helping insurance agencies identify top talent and providing comprehensive training programs to ensure the success of their team. 
Prior to this, he was the Head of Agency and Training for Phillip Mutual Bhd responsible for agency development and sales for both retail and corporate clients.  In the five years, he have accomplished much and chief amongst others, he managed to turn the agency around; from a RM1 Billion AUM to RM3 Billion AUM sales and transform a retail clients base to corporate clients mix; which now stands at 50:50 with corporate clients contributing to 50% of total sales. He has conducted over 1000 private and public seminars in Malaysia in English and mandarin covering Financial Planning and Investment to in-house and public seminar. 
From 2009 – 2018, he was the Head of Agency with TA Investment Management Prior to this,  he is the Head of Agency and Training for responsible for agency development and sales for both retail and corporate clients, he has accomplished much and chief amongst others, he managed to turn the agency around; from a AUM of RM80 to RM180 million. 
He spent a year (2008) as an Independent Consultant providing advisory services in agency development, sales and recruitment for corporate and individual clients.  His achievements included securing RM1 mil per seminar / investment talk I conducted.   
From 2002 to 2007, he was the Deputy Manager with Pacific Mutual Fund responsible for implementing strategic sales plans and agency development. In the five years there, in the five years with them, he consistently achieved sales targets through effective agency development, relationship management, planning and effective implementation of sales strategies. 
His career started in 1990 as Sales Representative with Bormas Marketing where he won the Top Sales Award consecutively for three years.  After four years with them, he left to start up my own business dealing in printing and photocopying called Bowman Enterprise.  he sold my shares in 1996 and accepted a role of Sales Development Manager with Satria Management with the mandate to drive sales and students intake, which he did successfully with an unprecedented recruitment of 80 students vs a target of 35 per intake. 
In 1998, he moved to KL to pursue a full time two years Degree in Business Administration with MIM in collaboration with RMIT.  Upon completion of his Degree, I joined Institute of Management Studies as Program Manager in 2000. 

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18. 庄惠妆 (钱钱老师)


-拥有理财规划专业文凭-Certified Financial Planner






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