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Money & Life Academy is formed on 18 April 19 by Yong Chu Eu, who was the ex-head of education, licensed financial planner and SIDC authorized trainer of Fin Freedom since the year 2016. The core intention of this company is to offer an independence platform to create/grow a group of speakers who share the same value and passionate about sharing their knowledge, expertise and real-life story (soft and hard skill plus technical) to Capital Market with the intention to enlighten and inspire the value and meaning of each life!


Money & Life Academy is an authorized training provider for Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) CPE, Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FiMM) CPD and Asian Banking School training program. Money & Life Academy is also a HRDF Registered Training Provider under PSMB. The natural business of Money & Life Academy is to provide Continuing Professional Education/Development Financial Master Courses (SIDC CPE/ FiMM CPD, MFPC CPD & AICB CPD) for Financial Practitioner/Profession (CMSRL/ERP CPE & FAR Credits) and HRDF Certified Corporate Training Courses to Corporation (SME/SMI/MNC).

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Money & Life Academy Sdn Bhd (201901013634) 

Service Tax ID No: P13-2009-32000001


Phone: 019-5932539 / 013-5752539


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