Comprehensive E-Learning Program

  • Duration: 3hours 30mins or 1hour 30mins

  • HRD Corp Claimable
  • Once registered, the participant will be given a login name and password to log in to e-Learning Portal to complete it within 7 days.
  • Participants must complete the Pre and Post Test, E-Learning training and Evaluation to get a certificate and CPE/CPD Points
  • All participants will be given a complimentary copy of Mr. Yong Chu Eu’s E- Book and participation in the Telegram Networking Group
Elearning Money Life Academy Malaysia
Financial Elearning

Points Contribution


  • 10 CPE points for 3 hours and above course

  • 5 CPE points for 1 hour 30 mins and above course

FiMM CPE/CPD Conversion

  • 10 CPE equal to 8 CPD hours
  • 5 CPE equal to 4 CPD hours

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